About Us

Impulse Event Productions plans, produces and executes large-scale special events, corporate parties and charity functions. Our passion and strength is creating unique and successful event experiences for our clients.

There is no function that is too small or too large for Impulse to handle. By utilizing our extensive database and our strategic relationships with venues and vendors, along with our complete dedication to keep within a clients’ budget, needs and desires, Impulse is able to produce exceptional events of all styles and sizes. 

We can start with the most basic or grandiose ideas and bring them to life while providing a seamless experience for you and a remarkable one for your guests.

Through careful consult and attention to detail, we take the time to understand your vision and needs and can find the perfect venue and/or vendors to optimize your budget, and create a production far beyond your expectations.

Our executive team has a combined 25+ years of Event Planning & Production experience in the NYC marketplace and have produced hundreds of large scale events in NYC as well as the other major cities around the world.

We are trusted by the most remarkable companies and brands because we have the proven knowledge, resources and long standing relationships to provide seamless event planning resulting in tremendous success on all platforms.



Basic Services

Impulse’s team of highly creative and innovative event specialists will take a client’s basic ideas and help to mature them using a combination of technology and industry know-how. We can design, develop and execute an exceptionally well thought out and detailed production ultimately bringing our client’s vision to life.

Venue Sourcing & Coordination

Our vast knowledge and continuing relationships with the top venues throughout Manhattan allowing our clients to choose from some of the most sought-out and unique locations available. Our venue list is constantly updated ensuring that our clients have access to New York’s most premiere event spaces.

Atmosphere & Ambiance

By handling all Contract negotiations throughout the planning process, Impulse is able to maximize a client’s budget by cutting unnecessary costs and by working with only the most reliable and cost efficient vendors and venues. Our long standing relationships and extensive database of suppliers allows Impulse to hand pick who we work with, ultimately providing the most favorable prices for our clients.

Audio Visual

Impulse has access to various forms of entertainment to suit our client’s every need and exceed the expectations of attendees. From live bands to top DJ’s, guest speakers, celebrity hosts and promotional models, there is no limit to what Impulse can do to create the ideal environment and atmosphere.

3rd Party Management

Impulse will far surpass your needs when it comes to creating the appropriate ambiance for your event. By carefully listening to everything our client has to say, our events staff can create anything from the simplest of designs to highly detailed, intricate scenery and themes. We work with designers, artists, florists and various prop vendors to give your design a life of its own.

Vendor Sourcing and Coordination

Our tools, inclusive of the audio, video, lighting and scenery equipment, in the hands of our talented artists, engineers and planners are readily used to assist in making all of our clients’ wildest dreams come true. Our technicians and branding experts are experts in enhancing a client's identity through visuals, electronics and special lighting techniques.


Our dedicated management staff can step in and become the primary point of contact for all 3rd party vendors at any point in the planning process. Whether you need to start from scratch with sourcing and selection, would like assistance with contract negotiations or simply prefer to have all communication streamlined to free up your call log and inbox, we are here to help! We also have an impressive list of trusted premiere vendors we can recommend for all of your event needs.


Whether you desire an intimate four-course meal or a stationed dinner with appetizers, our incredibly knowledgeable and focused Catering team can create customized menus suited to the style and/or theme of your event.

Staffing Solutions

Impulse can provide a wide array of professional and courteous on-site staff for your event, no matter where the location. This includes, but is not limited to: Event Managers, Production Assistants, Security Personnel, Door Manager, Bartenders, Wait Staff, Hostesses and Coat Check Attendees.

Production & Execution

Depending on your specific needs, Impulse will customize and create a system that will make your event memorable. Our event specialists are regularly organizing and executing all types of events with the utmost level of courtesy and professionalism. The entire production is customized for your individual needs. Our priority is to execute successfully, on time and always within budget.


We would love to hear about your event and see how Impulse can work with you to make this a fun, successful and memorable experience!